Christmas before Thanksgiving, with permission

November 18, 2018

My family and I recently crossed a line I never envisioned us crossing -- ushering in the Christmas season before Thanksgiving.

On the same day a Facebook friend posted a meme of Santa Claus urging people to eat the turkey before diving into all things Christmas, I unearthed my family’s ornaments from the basement, added seasonal decorations to the mantel and hung stockings over the fireplace.

Jefferson Pointe gave us permission.

Hours before, my husband and I bundled ourselves and our toddler in wintry wear and joined the masses at the outdoor shopping center to partake in the Christmas tree lighting celebration.

It wasn’t difficult to embrace the holiday spirit. A walk through Von Maur -- which was decked out in green, red and gold -- brightened my mood. As we rode up and down the escalators -- a highlight in and of itself for my 3-year-old -- I watched other families use a decorative sleigh as a photo spot, an idea I wish my family embraced.

The festive atmosphere reminded me why I prefer shopping at stores rather than online. The bustle, coupled with Christmas music playing in the background, makes the hunt for gifts more enjoyable.

We didn’t partake in any shopping that night -- we had hungry bellies to fill and a tree to adorn -- but I look forward to returning to seek gifts.

But, retailers, don’t mistake this as encouragement for the Christmas creep.

Next year I might just agree with the Santa meme urging Christmas enthusiasts to give Thanksgiving Day its due first.


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