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Twin Trial Takes a Twist

November 15, 1997

SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) _ A murder conspiracy trial involving identical twins has unfolded like bad TV, with the ``good twin″ standing to earn a bundle and the ``bad twin″ facing a jury for trying to have her sister killed.

Sunny Han visited sister Jeen in jail last February and said she no longer blames her twin for allegedly hiring two teen-agers to do her in. The 23-year-old sisters, co-valedictorians in high school, cried when Sunny testified that she still loved her sister despite their fights.

But last week, after Sunny Han was taken from court to the hospital, defense attorneys accused her of staging a sleeping pill overdose.

``Isn’t it true that the only reason you did this was to create more interest in this case, so you could make more money?″ asked Salvatore Ciulla, who represents one of the teens.

No, Sunny said, she was depressed when she took the pills. But, she later testified, ``If people are going to pay me, then why not?″

During the two-week trial _ jurors begin deliberating next week _ prosecutor Bruce Moore said Jeen waited outside while Archie Bryant, 17, and John Sayarath, 16, barged into Sunny’s Irvine apartment on Nov. 6, 1996.

Sunny and a roommate were tied, gag and threatened with death. Sunny managed to call police and no one was injured.

Jeen, according to prosecutors, had just walked away from a work furlough on a bad-check charge and was angry because Sunny had turned her in for draining her bank account.

But Jeen says she simply asked Bryant and Sayarath to help get her driver’s license and some clothes Sunny had refused to return.

Other witnesses said Jeen offered them money to hurt or kill Sunny.

The teen-agers are being tried as adults. They and Jeen could be sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.

Jeen and her co-defendants didn’t testify. Closing arguments are scheduled for Monday. Court TV has covered the trial live, feeding tape to U.S. and Korean stations.

Sunny received $10,000 in January to appear on ``Hard Copy″ but said she wasn’t paid for other TV appearances. Asked if she was considering a movie deal worth $50,000 to $300,000, she testified the figures were ``something like that.″

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