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Explosions Kill Three in Southern Russia

August 25, 2003

MOSCOW (AP) _ A series of bomb explosions Monday shook a regional capital in southern Russia, killing at least three people and wounding ten others, officials said.

The explosions occurred near two cafes and a bus stop in Krasnodar, about 750 miles south of Moscow, near the troubled Caucasus region, said Vitaly Tushev, a duty officer at the local branch of the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry.

Tushev said in a telephone interview that two of those who were wounded in the explosions were in serious condition.

He said that the type of the explosive devices and possible motives behind the explosions weren’t immediately known but officials were investigating.

Another regional emergency situations ministry official, Alexander Lemeshev, said that one victim was killed instantly, and two others later died of wounds in the hospital. He said that another 12 people were wounded.

He said the attackers used explosive devices each containing about .45 pounds of TNT and that the attacks appeared to be linked to a property dispute between two local criminal clans.

Russia’s Interior Minister Boris Gryzlov sent his deputy to the region, the Interfax news agency reported.

Russia has been rocked by continuous bomb explosions recently and other attacks, which the government usually has blamed on the Chechen rebels.

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