Time to end the two-party system -- Dan Thomson

January 23, 2019

I have an important question for those who back President Donald Trump. Why did you vote for a schoolyard bully?

I guess I know your answer. He seemed better than his opponent Hillary Clinton. But who is meaner? A schoolyard bully who wasn’t good enough for his daddy, or the wall flower who was angry because no good-looking guy would invite her to the prom? You’ll be sorry some day. That is what both of them were saying in high school.

We have to devise a better system for picking the leader of the Western world.

Two parties are not enough. They leave us every four years voting for a lesser evil. The Electoral College is the reason for this unfortunate binary decision. It isn’t good versus evil. It is unknown evil versus another unknown.

Open up the system. Let anyone run who can show a signature petition with 25,000 signatures. Put them on the ballot in all 50 states. Then run off the two top candidates if no one has a clear majority.

Next problem is to limit their power because we have made our president too powerful for the checks and balances that are supposedly there.

Dan Thomson, Madison

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