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Sanders campaign urges super PAC helpers to spend elsewhere

December 7, 2015

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is waving off super PACS that want to help him.

In an email Monday to supporters, his campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, wrote that Sanders has been surprised to learn about the pro-Sanders campaigns of outside groups that are allowed to raise unlimited amounts of money from donors. Sanders rails against such groups on the campaign trail, saying they contribute to a corrupt political system.

“They should spend their money somewhere else,” Weaver wrote. “We do not want their help.”

The Associated Press reported last week about three outside groups that have vowed to support Sanders. One, a super PAC associated with a nurses’ union that endorsed Sanders, has already spent more than $600,000 on digital and print ads to promote Sanders.

RoseAnn DeMoro, executive director of National Nurses United, said the group’s super PAC has no plans to stand down, even after the Sanders campaign’s note to supporters.

“We’re very happy with what we’re doing,” she told the AP on Monday. “And we’re very sorry if Bernie is not happy about it.”

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