Saline to harness wind power

September 6, 2018

Rolls of underground cable waiting to be installed in the Milligan 3 Windfarm project in Saline County. Officials are planning for work to begin on the windmills in the spring.

Saline County began working with wind energy developers nearly a decade ago. It’s hoped that wind towers will be built next spring.

“Originally a local developer, Gary Aksamit, had approached the county stating that the MET towers which measure wind speed showed this to be one of the best areas for wind towers,” said Willis Luedtke, Saline County Commissioner for 20 years.

“Aksamit was bought out by EDF Renewable Resources, which is one of the largest wind energy companies in the world. Although most all of our local contacts remained the same, it did postpone some of our progress,” Luedtke said. “EDF is working with landowners on contracts and developing the footprint. When the towers are built, hopefully next spring, the energy generated will go into a grid work for other energy companies to purchase” said Luedtke.

Luedtke said that because of the assessed value of the wind farms, the county commissioners believed it would be good for the schools and county because of the taxes. In addition to the landowner receiving a payment, the adjoining property owners will be paid a fee.

The wind towers will be built is the west and southwest part of Saline County.

EDF Renewable Resources website notes their mission to be “Turning innovative renewable energy ideas and long-term relationships into ethical, high value sustainable business.” Their core values include safety, good sense, accountability, transparency, teamwork, respect and passion.

Apex Clean Energy is working in Saline and Fillmore Counties to develop other wind towers. They currently have MET towers in place and are studying the area.

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