Christine Blasey Ford says Mark Judge looked ‘ill’ when he ran into her after attack

September 27, 2018

Christine Blasey Ford said Thursday she saw Mark Judge, the friend of Brett Kavanaugh who she says was in the room when she was sexually assaulted, once weeks after the attack and he looked “ill” when he spotted her.

Ms. Blasey Ford said she ran into Mr. Judge at a grocery store where he worked, roughly six to eight weeks after the high school party where she says Judge Kavanaugh assaulted her.

“I said hello to him. His face was white,” Ms. Blasey Ford said. “He was just nervous and not wanting to speak to me.”

Mr. Judge is a central figure in the allegation against Judge Kavanaugh.

Ms. Blasey Ford says she recalls him being in the room during the assault, perhaps helping push her into the room in the first place, and laughing along with Judge Kavanaugh during the attack.

Mr. Judge, through a lawyer, sent a statement to the committee saying he doesn’t recall the high school party Ms. Blasey Ford has described and has never seen Judge Kavanaugh behave in the manner she alleged. But he said he doesn’t wish to testify.

Ms. Blasey Ford’s legal team and Democrats have repeatedly said he should be subpoenaed.

“Mark Judge should be subpoenaed from his Bethany beach hideaway but he’s not,” said Sen. Richard Durbin, Illinois Democrat.

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