The past 100 years, Sept. 16, 2018

September 16, 2018

From the Santa Fe New Mexican:

Sept. 16, 1918: They are giving Alexander Hamilton somewhat belated praise for that much neglected and often abused document, the Constitution of the United States. The general sentiment this year in favor of a celebration of the historic paper finally adopted on September 17 is a pretty good commentary on the disposition of Americans to get back to fundamentals in this year of war.

Hamilton is declared to have outlined the Constitution on a drum head for a table before the close of the Revolution.

Sept. 16, 1968: An invention by Santa Fe Physician Jean B. Rosenbaum will be placed in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

The invention is an artificial cardiac stimulator, which was invented by Dr. Rosenbaum in 1951 when he was a research assistant at Wayne University College of Medicine in Detroit, Mich.

The Smithsonian’s honor was extended to the local doctor in recognition of his pioneer work in the field of medical electronics.

Sept. 16, 1993: Just when things were looking up, the unofficial residents of Santa Fe’s rail yard are bracing themselves for the end.

Life in recent weeks has been easier for the 20 or so people for whom a parking spot along the tracks near the Santa Fe Southern depot is their only home. There they have stayed, some for months, living in their cars, vans and buses, taking whatever work or food they can find.

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