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Emily Bett Rickards now an ‘Arrow’ series regular

October 9, 2013

NEW YORK (AP) — Talk about making a good impression. Actress Emily Bett Rickards was happy when she scored a one-off role on the CW’s “Arrow” last year.

Bett Rickards played IT girl Felicity Smoak on the action-adventure series, which stars Stephen Amell as billionaire playboy Oliver Queen, who secretly fights crime and corruption with a bow and arrow.

“It was one episode, two scenes,” the 22-year-old Canadian actress recalled.

Her portrayal of a person with tech-savvy smarts — and a funny, sweet stream-of-consciousness rhythm to her speech — caught on with viewers. She was brought back for more episodes, and by the end of the season, she was a part of Queen’s inner circle.

She’s now a regular on the series, which returns for a second season Wednesday night (8 p.m. EDT).

Bett Rickards talked about “Arrow,” snacking on the set and doing stunt work during a recent interview with The Associated Press.

AP: You’re doing stunts this season. Is that fun?

Bett Rickards: I like doing stunts because I’m very physical, I always grew up with sports. It’s a different part of acting. That part is really educational and I’m still learning. It can be painful, too. Our stunt doubles are so trained in making sure they don’t hurt the next day. My body’s not used to doing it.

AP: Is it strange to have stunt doubles?

Bett Rickards: I said once (that) I want fair warning every time my stunt double is on set because we’re the same build, she’s got blond hair, you put her in a dress and the same makeup, it’s like looking in a mirror. The first time I saw her I (gasped) because your brain kind of knows what it is but you’re still shocked. (Laughs.) She’s fabulous. And even seeing someone else’s stunt double is weird. ... My stunt double, Kim, is married to Stephen’s stunt double, Simon. They’re the cutest couple!

AP: Stephen Amell has to stay in tiptop shape for his role. Does he avoid craft services to keep those abs?

Bett Rickards: Oh, he’s a grazer. He eats. Yeah, he does. It’s different for men than it is for women. ... We’ll go and we’ll grab a handful of almonds. .. He and David (Ramsey) come back with coffee cups full of almonds. (Laughs.)

AP: There are fans rooting for an Oliver-Felicity romance. What do you think?

Bett Rickards: It has to be earned. ... It could happen but it also could not because they are friends and they’re also dealing with life and death every day. ... I think if they were to get together so early, I wonder if it would lose sweetness or a friendship compatibility.


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