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‘American Beauty’ Wins WGA Award

March 6, 2000

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) _ Alan Ball, author of the dark suburban satire ``American Beauty,″ won a top honor from the Writers Guild of America on Sunday.

Ball won for best screenplay based on material written specifically for the screen.

``American Beauty″ beat out three scripts written by their directors, ``Magnolia,″ by Paul Thomas Anderson, ``The Sixth Sense,″ by M. Night Shyamalan, and ``Three Kings″ by David O. Russell. The other nominee was ``Being John Malkovich″ by Charlie Kaufman.

``Election,″ written by Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor, was the guild’s pick for best screenplay based on material previously produced or published for the big screen.

Other nominees in the category were Anthony Minghella, who directed and wrote the screenplay for ``The Talented Mr. Ripley″ from the novel by Patricia Highsmith; and director Michael Mann and co-writer Eric Roth for ``The Insider,″ based on a magazine article by Marie Brenner.

Also nominated in the adapted category were John Irving for the screenplay based on his novel ``The Cider House Rules,″ and Lewis Colick for ``October Sky,″ based on the book ``Rocket Boys,″ by Homer H. Hickam Jr.

Winners of the Guild’s 52nd annual awards were announced in ceremonies held in Beverly Hills by the WGA, West, and in New York by the WGA, East.

The Writers Guild awards are considered a bellwether for the Oscars, which are March 26. Ball won the Golden Globe screenwriting award last month.

Other WGA winners announced Sunday:


Original Long Form: ``Dash and Lilly,″ Jerry Ludwig.

Adapted Long Form: ``The Confession,″ David Black.

Episodic Drama: ``Meadowlands″ (``The Sopranos″), Jason Cahill.

Episodic Comedy: ``Merry Christmas, Mrs. Moskowitz″ (``Frasier″), Jay Kogen.

Comedy-Variety, music, awards, tributes, specials: ``The Kennedy Center Honors,″ Bob Shrum and George Stevens, Jr., film sequences written by Sara Lukinson.

Comedy-Variety (including talk) Series: ``Late Night with Conan O’Brien,″ Jonathan Groff, Jon Glaser, Conan O’Brien, Andy Richter, Mike Sweeney, Michael Gordon, Brian Kiley, Brian Stack, Chris Albers, Brian McCann, Ellen Barancik, Janine Di Tullio, Andy Blitz, Tommy Blacha, Brian Reich, Vernon Chatman and Roy Jenkins.

Daytime Serials: ``Days of Our Lives,″ Sally Sussman Morina, Dena Higley, Marlene Clark Poulter, Dorothy Ann Purser, Victor Gialanella, Meredith Post, Peter Brash, Peggy Schibi, Fran Myers, Maralyn Thoma, Joyce Rosenblad, Bruce Neckels and Sofia Landon Geier.

Children’s Script: ``Sea People,″ Wendy Biller and Christopher Hawthorne.

Documentary, current events: ``Give War a Chance″ (``Frontline″), Michael Kirk and Peter J. Boyer.

Documentary, other than current events: ``Hoover Dam″ (``The American Experience″), Stephen Stept.

News, regularly scheduled: ″20/20 Wednesday,″ Lori A. Bores.

News, analysis, feature or commentary: ``A Special Delivery″ (″20/20″), Lori A. Bores.


Documentary: ``The Drug Score,″ Julia Kathan.

News, regularly scheduled: ``World News This Week,″ Ruth Stein Davis.

News, analysis, feature or commentary: ``The Last Polka in Cleveland″ (``Perspective″),″ Mike Silverstein.

On-air promotion: ``NBC Promotions,″ Christian McLaughlin.

Graphic art: ``CBS News Time 100,″ Beth Leudesdorf and John Haubrich.

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