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United Airlines Petitions For Return Of O’Hare Landing Slots

November 13, 1992

CHICAGO (AP) _ United Airlines on Thursday petitioned the federal government for the return of 36 take-off and landing slots at O’Hare International Airport.

The Federal Aviation Administration had withdrawn the slots from United and given them to foreign air carriers for the 1992-93 winter season, according to United.

The O’Hare slots were redistributed under an FAA policy that satisfies foreign air carriers’ demands for access to O’Hare through the elimination of U.S. domestic service at the airport, United said.

″No other country in the world sacrifices its domestic carriers, domestic service and domestic jobs to sustain foreign companies in this way,″ Stephen M. Wolf, United’s chairman and chief executive officer, said in a statement.

The FAA declined to comment pending a review of United’s petition, said Bob Buckhorn, an FAA spokesman in Washington.

United has had to cancel all or a portion of 36 domestic flights because of the FAA slot redistribution. The airline currently makes about 838 arrivals and departures from O’Hare each day, said United spokesman Joe Hopkins.

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