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Quotes From Bush Interview

August 5, 2000

Selected comments from Republican presidential nominee George W. Bush during an interview with The Associated Press:

On the ups and downs of politics: ``Campaigns kind of ebb and flow, and I understand that. There will be a compelling reason by the time it’s over, I hope, for people to vote for me. And so there will be moments. The polls look good one day, not so good the next day. But ultimately, I believe, Dick and I are going to win, because America wants something different in Washington.″


On debating Al Gore: ``I do want an opportunity to debate Al Gore one on one. I think that would be really useful for the country.″


On Clinton’s role: ``He is the last chapter in the 20th Century, and not a very successful chapter I might add. I’m looking forward. Al Gore is the opponent. He’s a worthy opponent, he’s going to be a tough person to beat. I believe we’ll prevail, though.″


On winning and losing: ``Listen, I sat in a room on one miserable night in 1992 when my mother said, ‘It’s over, get over it.’ She had a pretty good point: Move on with your lives. And guess what happened? We all moved on with our lives.″

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