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Actress Touts ‘Fantasy Island’ Part

October 24, 1998

NEW YORK (AP) _ Eighty-eight-year-old actress Sylvia Sidney doesn’t want anyone glorifying her gig playing a sharp-tongued travel agent on the new ``Fantasy Island.″

``Don’t call it a role. It’s a part,″ Sidney says in the Oct. 30 Entertainment Weekly. ``A role is Lady Macbeth. A role is Juliet. A part is a part. It’s a job.″

As sharp-tongued in real life as her new TV character, Sidney downplays her youthful success as a movie actress, appearing in classics like Alfred Hitchcock’s ``Sabotage″ and William Wyler’s ``Dead End.″

``You want me to remember 50 years ago?,″ she said ``I was lucky. I worked with a lot of important directors and I became a very happy actress for a time.″

Sidney, who also has worked on Broadway and on TV, received an Academy Award nomination in 1973 for ``Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams,″ and more recently had scene-stealing parts in ``Beetlejuice″ and ``Mars Attacks!″

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