Orchids and Onions: Tuesday, August 28, 2018

August 29, 2018

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Toni’s Canvas for repairing my bimini under warranty after it was ripped off my pontoon. Toni also repaired my older tonneau. She stands behind her work! Scott and Donna

Onions to complainers about the dress code. Schools should go to full uniforms. Students get two color choices in slacks and a few more in shirts. Shorts would be knee length. No skirts so no worries about boys wanting to wear them too. That was easy!

Onions to local politicians and leadership past and present for slandering a candidate.

Onions to the parents who leave their cars running in the drop-off lane at Smoketree Elementary. Your idling car and chitchatting is making the rest of us late, including the children.

Onions to business owners who hire great managers and then don’t let them manage. Most of you spend all day watching cameras or micro managing your managers. Step back let your managers manage. Stop pointing the finger.

Orchids to River Screens’ great job installing my new screen doors. They look amazing and everything was cleaned up before they left.

Orchids to Shawn O’Haver., a health care provider who listens to his patients and treats them accordingly. Very knowledgeable with his patients’ best interest at heart! Very Grateful Patient

Orchids to the coach that refused to talk to her student. Very immature. The team’s behavior reflects yours. You showed my child a negative environment with no control of disrespectful members. Listen to the poolside talk.

Onions to the person that picked up the $50 roll of stamps I just bought and somehow dropped. You should have turned it in, not kept it.

Orchids to Diana, Albertsons’ angel with a diamond halo, for finding and returning my money clip.

Onions to the business for treating young employees poorly in front of customers. The male manager that always seems to be in a bad mood. It is mainly where the poor treatment comes from.

Orchids to Maytag for outstanding customer service as always. They stand behind all their appliances and have gone above and beyond to help. Keep up the good work. Make sure you save a piece pizza for Ron.

Orchids to Kim at Havasu Community Credit Union for helping with our out-of-town shared banking needs. Her kindness was a great introduction to the town and community. Outstanding service.

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