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Samples of New Postal Rates

December 5, 2000

The Postal Service will change its rates on Jan. 7. A sampling of the new rates includes:

_First Class letters, first ounce 34 cents, up 1 cent; each additional ounce, 21 cents, down 1 cent.

_Post Cards, 20 cents, unchanged.

_Priority Mail, establishes a new rate of $3.50 for up to one pound and $3.95 for 2 pounds. Old rates started at $3.20 for up to 2 pounds.

_Express Mail, up to one-half pound $12.25, up 50 cents; one-half pound to 2 pounds, $16, up 25 cents.

_International airmail to Canada and Mexico, 60 cents for the first ounce. Old rate was 48 cents to Canada and 40 cents to Mexico for the first half ounce; 55 cents to Canada and 46 cents to Mexico for up to one ounce.

_International airmail to other countries, 80 cents for the first ounce; old rate was 60 cents for first half-ounce and $1 for up to one ounce.

_International post cards; Canada and Mexico, 50 cents, was 45 cents to Canada and 40 cents to Mexico; other countries, 70 cents, up 15 cents.

_Certified mail, $1.90, up 50 cents.

_Domestic money order, 75 cents, down 5 cents.

_Insured mail, up to $50, $1.10, up 25 cents; $50 to $100, $2, up 20 cents.


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