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Bauer: Affair Gossip Is Outrage

September 29, 1999

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Republican presidential candidate Gary Bauer, amid percolating rumors he denounced as ``disgusting,″ gathered his family for a news conference today.

By facing the media, Bauer hoped to suffocate gossip about an alleged extramarital affair before it raised doubts among his core Christian conservative supporters.

Bauer’s daughter Sarah, 18, a college freshman, was flying in from Western Pennsylvania to be at her father’s side _ along with her mother, Carol, and older sister Elyse, 21, who works at campaign headquarters.

Bauer’s efforts are in response to a cryptic gossip item in Monday editions of The New York Daily News that asked: ``What presidential candidate is praying that a former secretary doesn’t go public with her claim that he’s been having an affair with a twentysomething woman?″

After the piece ran, Bauer told the San Francisco Chronicle he assumed he was the Daily News’ target.

``I think it’s supposed to be me. And it’s disgusting,″ Bauer said. ``It almost makes me physically sick. My wife and I have been married for 27 years ... I have been loyal to her, and she’s been loyal to me all those years.″

Asked who might be the source of the rumors, Bauer refused to be specific but said, ``I think it’s coming from the camp of one of my political opponents.″

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