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Mass. police catch man they say is speeding biker

October 22, 2013

RANDOLPH, Mass. (AP) — A motorcyclist police say has been flying around greater Boston’s highways at speeds of more than 100 miles per hour and evading police for several weeks was arrested Tuesday.

Daniel Rebello, 29, of Somerset pleaded not guilty in Quincy District Court to charges including driving at a police officer, racing, and driving with a suspended license. A judge set bail at $10,000 but revoked his earlier bail for driving charges in New Bedford and ordered him held 60 days. Rebello said he wants to represent himself at his next hearing Nov. 21.

Rebello was arrested Tuesday morning in Randolph. He was spotted hiding behind a tractor-trailer in a parking lot minutes after police say he was speeding along Route 24, making sudden lane changes, traveling in the median and even traveling south in a northbound lane.

At a news conference after his arrest, state troopers and police described other encounters they’ve had with Rebello.

State Trooper Michael Hardman said Rebello was weaving in and out of heavy rush hour traffic on Interstate 93 Friday morning when he pulled alongside Foley’s cruiser, looked at him directly and sped away.

Arlington Officer Michael Foley said Rebello saw him in a parking lot Friday afternoon, looked at him, then pulled down his helmet visor and drove down a sidewalk. Foley said Rebello drove between parked cars and ran red lights before reaching Route 2, where police stopped pursuing him.

State police said he called them Monday bragging he had gotten away again. That night they appealed to the public to help find the biker.

The state Registry of Motor Vehicle said Rebello had a long list of driving violations back to 2000. His license was revoked in July for a speeding citation.

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