Orchids and Onions: Wednesday, May 22, 2019

May 22, 2019

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to all courteous drivers on the lake side of Palo Verde North who acknowledge, slow down, and share the road with pedestrians/cyclists. Please know we are already hugging the fractured/uneven edges of the asphalt to allow the room you need to safely pass.

Onions to the parents who do not follow the rules and use the bus lane at the middle school.

Orchids to Coy, a cashier at Walmart. You are welcoming, helpful, and professional each time we are fortunate to go through your line. Thank you for your service to our country.

Onions for not being adult enough to just knock on our door to let us know our dogs are barking. Better yet, simply tell us when we’ve asked numerous times regarding this – if you are one of those many neighbors we’ve spoken to.

Orchids to Cha-Bones Easter brunch. We had a party of six. Outstanding brunch, service was great! The waitress gets an A+. I was very impressed, it was well worth the money. Lots of food provided.

Onions to the contractor. Pulled in to the driveway of a home being built on our block. Needed scrap wood for a fire pit. Next morning I find not one tire flat, but two. One totally ruined with a sidewall puncture. They make magnets for you guys to use. Leaving nails on the ground is gross carelessness!

Orchids to Advantage Pools for making my dream come true, it is beautiful!

Onions to the high school boy who demands his girlfriend hand over her phone to him so he can read all of her messages. What kind of parents raise a boy to be such a control freak?

Orchids to Prestige and staff at Smoketree for being so wonderful to family and friends. Your meals are delicious and Easter was amazing!

Onions to the school touting a “coveted” credential. All schools who belong to the AIA have this credential and all schools work to show improvement to earn it so their credits transfer to other schools. Please stop with the false advertising.

Orchids to Havasu Auto Care for fixing my Scion and getting it back on the road!

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