Greg Austin says Huskers look at the weight room ‘with a totally different mindset’

March 6, 2019

Matt Farniok says he got bigger in the best way.

The 6-foot-6 Nebraska right tackle said he has stayed at his playing weight from last season, around 330.

“Really all I did was put on more muscle,” the junior said Tuesday, one day after the start of spring football.

Farniok said the Husker offensive linemen are moving quicker and they’re stronger. He sees the changes.

Greg Austin sees a different kind of change. Nebraska’s offensive line coach sees a bunch of linemen who are embracing the weight room.

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“They look at the weight room with a totally different mindset than they did before we arrived here,” Austin said. “They compete, not only with each other, but they compete with themselves.”

Austin recalled a recent walk through the weight room. He sensed a “feeling of euphoria.”

“There was a pride about it,” he said. “There’s a pride that I never seen them exude since I’ve been here, just that feeling of, ‘This matters … this is a big, big, big portion of who we are and what we believe in, and why we’re going to get this program turned around.’

“I saw the guys excited about going and lifting and busting their ass in the weight room. That’s not something they were doing before. Weight room was just something that they kind of just like, ‘Alright, we got to do this. It’s just part of the deal.’ Now it’s, ‘Oh, I get to lift weights. I can’t wait to get in there and bust my ass in there.’”

Austin said that’s how it was when he played at Nebraska.

“The weight room is where I lived,” he said. “The other portion of living was on the football field …

He added with a smile, “and every once in a while, you went to class.”

Farniok, meanwhile, said he thinks Year 2 in Zach Duval’s winter conditioning program will push everything faster.

“It’s always better when you kind of know what you’re getting into,” he said. “Just like spring ball we just kind of hit the ground running in winter conditioning and we really made some great strides during that time that I think are really going to start paying off.”

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