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Suit Filed Against National Anthem

July 23, 1985

MANILA, Philippines (AP) _ A musicians’ group has filed suit to ban a version of the national anthem done in the style of the ″We Are The World″ hit song and video.

In the suit filed Monday, Crisanto Soldevilla Cornejo, acting president of the Philippine Federation of Music,asked the court to order the seizure of all video tapes of the anthem and ban it from ″the Philippines and elsewhere in the world.″

He called the version a ″musical debauchery″ and ″a gross insult to the republic.″

Cornejo objected to the singing of ″Land of the Morning,″ the anthem, by 30 top Filipino singers, each clutching headphones to their ears and each singing a different phrase.

Like the performers in the American group U.S.A. for Africa, the singers belt out the tune.

Cornejo asked for damages amounting to $5,400 from a national broadcasters group which introduced the jazzed-up anthem, a local radio-television chain which has played it on its stations, and the music’s arranger. He proposed the money go to the national library.

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