Bosma-Renkes has new owner

March 24, 2019

MORRISON – After more than 40 years, Bosma-Renkes Funeral Homes has a new owner.

Jim Bosma didn’t have far to go to find the next person that will take over the business because he already has been there for 15 years. Funeral Director Steve Owen has purchased the business which now will allow Bosma and his wife, Lu Anne, the freedom and flexibility to to set their own schedule.

“He’s been in business for 40 years and and wants to spend time with the grandkids,” Owen said. “Both he and his wife will stay and still help me out, but now they can come and go as they like.”

The two men signed the paperwork on March 4 to make the sale official and thus bring an end to an era as the funeral home locations in Morrison and Fulton have had a Bosma as a fixture dating back to the 1960s.

“Jim’s been here for years and Jim’s dad started in 1965 I think,” Owen said.

So not many things have changed through the years, and Owen sees no reason to change them now except for the name listed as owner on the paperwork.

“Everything else will stay the same. I hated to change those,” he said. “It will be the same service even the same sign but just a different person with a different face.”

For Owen, 44, who grew up in Abingdon south of Galesburg, he gets to stay in the only place he’s worked since he started his career in the funeral business.

“I’ve been with Bosma-Renkes since 2004 when I came directly out of mortuary science school and began working with Jim,” Owen said. “Now I’ll be learning a few new things like the business side of things.”

Which shouldn’t take him long to get up to speed as Jim Bosma has been great at showing Owen all aspects of the trade up to this point.

“I’ve been here long enough and worked with him awhile and he’s a good teacher,” he said.

Owen’s wife Liza, also is listed as an owner on the paperwork, but she has another job outside the business which she will continue for the time being. They have two boys Max and Reed.