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Richard Ashcroft will ‘definitely’ make music with Liam Gallagher

By CelebretainmentMay 26, 2019

Richard Ashcroft “definitely” plans to record music with his pal Liam Gallagher.

The former Verve frontman supported the ‘Wall of Glass’ hitmaker at a string of concerts around the globe last year - including making a surprise appearance at Liam’s mammoth gig in London’s Finsbury Park in June - and has now said they “100 percent intend” to make music together.

Speaking at the Ivor Novello Awards on Thursday (23.05.19) he said: “I know sometime in the future we definitely 100 percent intend to do songs together.

“I don’t believe any songs on this record but I’m excited about it, I’m excited for him, he’s a good friend of mine. We’re one of the few people that’s on that level as a frontman.”

Richard, 47, went on to insist that he has no plans to stop making music anytime soon as he “loves performing live” and said that it’s only when he isn’t “physically” able that he’ll stop putting on shows for his fans.

The ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’ hitmaker added: “It’s only physicality that will stop me adding that desire to explore music to my fans and enjoy this gift I’ve been given.

“I’m aware that just as many people who like me, don’t like me and once you’re comfortable with that you’re never going to please the whole world musically.

“That’s just the ying and yang and the balance of life. That’s a kick, to be negative gives people a kick now, from a younger person starting out, it’s much easier to get someone else’s work and say ‘I’ll sing that blame him!’

“There’s no one to blame so you take on that responsibility, you better believe you’re taking on all that.

“I love performing live. My voice is better, I have a much stronger voice now than I had, I sound like a child back then.”

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