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Ontario Labor Ministry won’t fund breast cancer study

July 19, 1997

WINDSOR, Ontario (AP) _ Two lawmakers said they would ask the Ontario Ministry of Labor to reconsider its refusal to fund a government study on environmental links to breast cancer.

The Ontario Occupational Disease Panel had $10,000 in its budget to conduct the study, but it was barred from spending the money by a government freeze on using consultants.

Sandra Pupatello and Marion Boyd said Friday they will ask Labor Minister Elizabeth Witmer to release the funds.

Their announcement comes as women from around the world gathered in Kingston, Ontario, to formulate a plan for eradicating breast cancer.

Much of the discussion at the World Conference on Breast Cancer focused on possible environmental causes of the disease. Delegates underscored the need to curb pollution and promote healthy diets and exercise to prevent the cancer.

The proposed Ontario study would have reviewed current studies and literature on breast cancer, especially those focusing on environmental and occupational links to the disease, said Niki Carlan, chairwoman of the Occupational Disease Panel.

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