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Bright And Brief

June 6, 1986

CORVALLIS, Ore. (AP) _ Oregon State University researchers hope to develop an udderly delicious soft drink: fruit-flavored carbonated milk.

″We’re anxious to look at some of our Oregon fruits as possible flavorings: blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries,″ said Mina McDaniel, director of OSU’s food-tasting Sensory Science Laboratory.

Ms. McDaniel cited the success of Slice, a new soft drink produced by Pepsico. ″Pepsi was smart enough to add just a little bit of fruit juice to a carbonated beverage and cornered a real significant part of the market,″ she said.

The two-year, $116,000 project is the brainchild of the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, which promotes the state’s milk industry.


BONN, West Germany (AP) - Foreign tourists better not be too thirsty for a beer on Denmark’s Faeroe Islands in the chilly North Atlantic.

Buying beer requires six steps, because alcohol consumption laws are quite strict on the islands 850 miles west of Denmark, says the West German Finance Ministry, which pubished a leaflet it said was issued by the tourist office of the islands.

First, foreigners must get a certificate stating they are not citizens.

Second, they must apply for a certificate assuring they do not owe taxes on the islands.

Third, they must get a permit from the government office in the islands allowing them to place an order for beer with one of five dealers.

Fourth, each tourist must order a minimum of 30 bottles and not more than 120, the leaflet said. Once the beer is ordered, the tourist must wait one day to receive a bill by mail for the purchase.

Fifth, tourists must take the bill to the local post office to pay.

Sixth and last, with a receipt from the post office, tourists can pick up the beer at the local liquor store, the leaflet said.

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