Christmas All The Time

November 24, 2018

You know how we all have that one friend or relative who loves Christmas? Like, loves-loves it?

Prepare to blow his or her mind: In Finland, there’s a Christmas-themed amusement park.

Since 1998, SantaPark Arctic World has been delighting visitors.

It’s underground, run by elves and has been called the best Christmas destination in the world -- and lucky for that Christmas-obsessed, its 2018 season has just begun.

So what does one do at a Christmas theme park? Attend elf school, of course. Decorate cookies. Even ride a magical train through an enchanted forest.

You can mail letters to Santa from the bustling post office -- that might be an inter-office letter, come to think of it. After all, the big guy himself is on the premises for meet-and-greets.

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