Lower voting age to teach good habits -- Emily Maiers

November 6, 2018

I am a high school student. The voting age needs to be lowered. I and my peers know and are affected by many of the issues that have been discussed leading up to the midterm elections.

Many of us just have our driver’s licenses, so we drive on roads with potholes. We are attending high school, so education is an issue that directly affects us every day. In a few years, we will be looking for jobs and paying taxes that we didn’t have any control over. We have the internet and education at our fingertips, so we can be just as educated on politics as any adult voter.

Young adults ages 18-29 consistently have the lowest turnout rate of any demographic. If we develop a habit of voting and educating ourselves at a younger age, we will be more likely to vote throughout our lives. Young people have voices and ideas that need to be heard.

Emily Maiers, Madison

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