Economy needs more immigrants -- Daryl Sisson

April 14, 2019

With regard to immigration to the United States, President Donald Trump has recently and repeatedly stated that “our country is full.” May I suggest to Trump supporters that this claim is counter-productive to the accomplishment the president wants most: a robust American economy?

Anywhere I drive in Madison I see signs for jobs that, if filled, would improve our economic vitality. All driving services (cabs and food delivery) are hiring. Restaurants, from fast-food to new high-end places, are hiring. Construction companies are hiring. Technology companies are hiring. The list goes on and on, but those jobs aren’t yet filled.

You know who could fill those jobs at all levels? Immigrants of all sorts. Don’t you think those immigrants seeking asylum could cook or drive or build for our country, as well as for their own benefit?

I believe the asylum seekers’ claims of domestic abuse, gang violence and political corruption in Latin America. I also understand that some criminals evade immigration officials.

But Trump supporters should consider that immigrants overall can help build our American economy now, and that would help their cause. As far as our workforce goes, in Madison and across the country, we are not “full.”

Daryl Sisson, Madison