Letter to the editor: Casey’s views on guns & taxes

November 12, 2018

Election Day will soon be here, and I would like to remind everyone that in March 2013 Sen. Bob Casey was one of 46 U.S. senators who voted to enter the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty, which would have regulated international arms sales -- essentially giving our Second Amendment rights to the United Nations. How despicable for someone who claims to be an American. Fortunately the move was defeated.

In a TV ad Casey states that Sen. Lou Barletta voted favorably for President Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Casey voted against it because the wealthy would realize a bigger return than ordinary people. So Casey is saying that you and I would prefer to keep paying more income tax so that some wealthy people would pay more. Well, that is not my attitude. I am happy to be paying less income tax, and I care very little what someone else pays. I got more money in my pocket.

Bill Kute

New Stanton

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