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Restaurant To Stop Serving Salmon

July 24, 1998

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) _ Under pressure from disgruntled British Columbia fishermen, a major Canadian restaurant chain has agreed to take Alaskan coho salmon off its menu.

The regional fishermen’s union had urged the Keg Restaurants chain to drop Alaskan coho as a show of solidarity with local salmon fishermen.

After U.S.-Canada talks on reducing the Pacific salmon catch collapsed earlier this year, Canada imposed restrictions on British Columbia fishermen to protect stocks that effectively ban them from catching coho.

Alaska, however, has played down the possibility that coho are endangered.

Many of the coho caught annually by Alaskan fisherman are, according to Canada, bound for British Columbia waters.

British Columbia fishermen were upset when they learned the Keg chain was going to buy a large quantity of Alaskan coho this summer.

Fishermen’s union president, John Radosevic, raised the issue with Keg president David Aisenstat, who agreed Wednesday not to use the Alaskan salmon.

There are 80 Keg restaurants. Until Wednesday, many were offering coho salmon.

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