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Station Pulls Falwell’s Anti-Clinton Show Over Political, Sexual Content

August 17, 1994

LYNCHBURG, Va. (AP) _ A TV station yanked the Rev. Jerry Falwell off the air after viewers complained that his sexually explicit discussion of allegations against President Clinton crossed the line from religion to politics.

WTLV-TV in Jacksonville, Fla., suspended the ″Old Time Gospel Hour″ Monday and will cancel it if Falwell continues to focus more on politics than religion, said the station’s president and general manager, Ken Tonning.

Complaints had mounted in recent weeks, and the station acted after one viewer spoke up about what Falwell’s show prompted her 9-year-old son to ask.

″He asked me what oral sex was. I asked him where did he hear about that, and he said he heard it on Jerry Falwell’s show on television,″ said Cathy Corby, who tuned in herself to hear Falwell explicitly describe sex acts related to a sexual harassment claim against Clinton.

People only objected because Falwell’s message is conservative, spokesman Mark DeMoss said Tuesday. He said he didn’t know of any other stations pulling the show. Falwell’s church is based in Lynchburg.

The Corbys and eight friends picketed WTLV-TV Sunday over what they called a political show masquerading as a religious one.

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