CARE Dodge County seeks volunteers for new recovery program

August 2, 2018

A local nonprofit is working to offer a new way to help people in recovery from addiction and their families.

CARE for Dodge County, a local nonprofit that offers education and support groups, is looking for volunteers to lead SMART Recovery groups. SMART, or Self-Management And Recovery Training, is a concept from another nonprofit that serves as an alternative to 12-step and faith-based programs. But people can still pursue those options even if they choose to use SMART, according to Wendy Borner, president of CARE.

CARE is seeking volunteers to facilitate SMART groups for people in recovery from addiction and groups for friends and family. The organization will pay for a volunteer’s six-to-eight week online training and books.

“It helps you change your self-defeating thinking and emotions,” said Borner, who explained it involves using more cognitive thinking. “It helps you build and maintain motivation for your recovery and teaches you new coping skills and how to deal with urges and manage your thoughts and feelings.”

The SMART method involves weekly meetings and a workbook to help guide participants through the process. It focuses on four points: building and maintaining motivation; coping with urges; managing thoughts, feelings and behaviors; and living a balanced life.

Borner said CARE has recovery coaches who have used SMART in other areas and liked the experience.

“One of things CARE wants to do is provide all kinds of paths to recovery,” she said.

For volunteers, Borner said CARE would look for someone who has lived with at least 1 year of sobriety or someone whose life has been impacted by the addiction of someone close. Because CARE would be paying for training and books, she said she would look for a one-year commitment to leading a SMART group.

A volunteer can set their own times and days to lead the weekly meetings, and could even work with someone else to share times.

“We’re pretty open and flexible,” Borner said.

Those interested in training and volunteering to lead a SMART Recovery group can email CARE for Dodge County at carefordodgecounty@gmail.com and ask for more information.

CARE is also looking for people who might be interested in being trained to serve as recovery coaches.

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