Cleveland Metroparks Zoo: The 5 best things you’ll want to see (video)

August 21, 2018

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo: The 5 best things you’ll want to see (video)

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is one of the most-visited attractions in Northeast Ohio year after year. In the video above you’ll get a virtual tour of the five best things to see when you come here. 

The Ben Gogolick Giraffe Encounter gives you the chance to get up close and personal with the zoo’s tallest animals. They come face-to-face with you, especially if you’ve purchased lettuce to feed them. The elevated platform overlooks the African Savannah exhibit, which is home to ostriches and bontebok as well.

Asian Highlands is a celebrated addition to the zoo because it provides updated homes to the snow leopards, red pandas and a new species to the park, the takin.

The snow leopard exhibit surrounds you as you walk through it. There are bridges overhead that the animals use to cross over to different parts of their habitat. Make sure to look for the three youngest snow leopards, born in 2018, whose exuberance is sure to be a highlight of your visit.

Two of the red pandas were born in 2017 and also draw a crowd.

The Rosebrough Tiger Passage offers a similar type of access to the animals where you can get much closer than the previous tiger exhibit ever allowed. There are multiple areas of habitat connected by elevated bridges that the tigers can cross. Or a lot of times they like to catnap right on the bridge above your head. 

The Rhino Exhibit has been a hot spot ever since debuting baby Lulu, born in 2018, to mother Kibibbi and father Forest. You can see the rhinos from two different viewing platforms. The closer platform is next to the rhinos’ indoor habitat; follow the path that goes towards the Center for Zoological Medicine and stay to the right. 

The African Elephant Crossing is the largest exhibit in the zoo’s history and you could spend the whole afternoon enjoying it if you choose. You walk in through a King Kong sized gateway to a “village” where you can see everything from elephants to meerkats to naked mole rats. The elephant herd has five acres to roam, including a swimming hole. If you do stay a while, there’s a beer and wine patio inside a large hut serving Fatheads, imports and sake.

The bonus recommendation I want to leave you with is to visit the Rainforest. The extra admission is worth it to immerse yourself in the jungle biome. You’ll observe everything from orangutans to anteaters, porcupines to capybara. 

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