Funseekers Singles Club also seeking new members

August 20, 2018

BULLHEAD CITY — Members of the Funseekers Singles Club spent Saturday afternoon at Stage department store.

They tried on clothes and allowed salespeople to demonstrate proper use of various cosmetics on them. The store, amid a “Summer Blowout” sale, also offered club members water, snacks and even chairs for them to sit down while they took breaks from shopping or simply wanted to see what friends were considering buying.

Philene Cullen, manager of Stage, pointed out to club members looking at items offered around the store that customers like them can participate in “Forty and Fabulous” — a promotion that offers shoppers 40 and older a weekly discount.

Some club members chatted about their purchases while others talked about what else was going on in their lives. Most of the conversations consisted of a little of each.

The Funseekers came into being so people living around the Tri-State area wouldn’t have to be alone, said Cheri Horvath, president.

“I bet it’s hard to believe I used to be very quiet,” she said with a big smile and confident voice. Horvath didn’t always speak that way. She explained that being married caused her to feel as if she couldn’t say what was on her mind or even do what she wanted. Once divorced and on her own, she desperately wanted to go out and do things — such as see a movie or go out to a restaurant — but couldn’t seem to muster the courage to do these things by herself.

Funseekers provides a resource for companionship and activities.

“Those times when you’re alone, the club allows you to have a friend — or friends — to do something with,” she said.

Horvath joined 13 years ago. The group is for people older than age 45; its oldest member is 90. U.S. Census figures indicate that Bullhead City’s population is older than that in many parts of the country: The median age of U.S. residents is 37.8 years old while the median age of people living in Bullhead City is 51.2 years old.

“It’s a way to make friends without it being religious or political,” another member, Nadine Reid, explained.

The list of group outings available to members is varied. Some went on a cruise but most gatherings are affordable and close to home, such as movies, potlucks, game nights, day trips and eat-outs at local restaurants.

“We try to offer a variety of activities,” Horvath said. “You don’t have to do anything.”

Members who are looking for one-on-one companionship might be seeking someone to play cards. Or, they might require someone to accompany them on a trip to the doctor’s office.

Funseekers has about 45 members. Membership rises in the winter when snowbirds are around. More than half of the members are women. They are looking for more people to join.

“When new people don’t walk into someone’s home alone, we’ll make sure someone will walk in with you,” Horvath added.

The next group outing is a tour of the Bullhead City Police Department.

What Funseekers doesn’t try to do is form couples. There are a few members who met partners by being in the club, but they’re still single.

For details about Funseekers, call Horvath at 928-788-3600. Other members’ telephone numbers are listed Sundays in the Daily News’ “Our Community” section as resources of information: Bob at 928-758-2120 and Mary Ellen at 928-763-4176. The group meets at 1680 Marble Canyon Road in Bullhead in the VFW’s quonset hut, on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m.

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