Motorists, Be Mindful Of Runners

October 4, 2018

Editor: We have quite the running community here in the Wyoming Valley and Scranton, and fall training is in full swing as many local resident prepare for the Steamtown Marathon, Chicago Marathon, NYC Marathon, Philadelphia Marathon, and other fall races. With that being said, I urge motorists to be mindful of the considerable amount of runners that are out this time of year, and always. In Pennsylvania, motorists must allow four feet of distance when overtaking a bicycle, however, no such law exists for runners. For their own safety, runners are advised to run against traffic. I think I can speak for all runners when I say that it’s terrifying to have a car not move over and approach at a high rate of speed, or worse yet, be distracted. Although there’s no law in Pennsylvania, I ask that motorists, at the bare minimum, be alert, slow down, and move over when possible when approaching an oncoming runner. Carly Hislop MOUNTAIN TOP

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