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Former Subway Executive to Receive $195,000 After Leaving Metro

September 13, 1996

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Fady Bassily, former deputy general manager of the Metro subway system, will be paid $195,000 over the next 18 months even though he left his job over a month ago.

The severance deal was negotiated between Bassily and Metro’s top lawyer, Robert Polk, in June, about a month before Bassily left Metro.

He will be paid for nine months of accumulated leave, six months of severance pay and three months of pay because of an involuntary separation clause in his contract. Because one of the two deputy general manager jobs was to be eliminated at the end of this year, Bassily was considered laid off.

Bassily was making $130,000 a year when he left Metro a month ago. He had worked there since March 17, 1975, entitling him to the maximum 26 days of leave each year.

Bassily’s management style was the focus of criticism after several Metro problems, including an accident that killed a train operator last winter. Bassily is currently he is a transportation consultant and has been working in Greece.

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