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Specter’s Return: ‘The Cracked Head Club’ With AM-Ginsburg, Bjt

July 20, 1993

WASHINGTON (AP) _ It wasn’t just the Judiciary Committee, it was a meeting of the ″Cracked Head Club″ when Sen. Arlen Specter arrived at the hearing for Supreme Court nominee Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Specter sported a ″Pennsylvania″ baseball cap to hide the scars from recent surgery to remove a brain tumor. Committee Chairman Joseph Biden, who had brain surgery five years ago, took notice.

″I’m one of the few people who can understand why he’s wearing that hat,″ Biden said. ″When I had a similar operation, Senator, former President Reagan wrote me a letter ... and he said: ‘Dear Joe, welcome to the Cracked Head Club.’

″Well, welcome, Arlen. I hope you wear it well,″ Biden said.

″I thought, being a senator, I had been a member of that club for some time,″ Specter replied.

The conversation moved elsewhere, but Biden couldn’t resist noting how new the cap looked.

″I wish you’d fold the brim a little bit, Arlen,″ he said.

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