6. Wichita, KS

November 9, 2018

Photo Credit: Henryk Sadura / Alamy Stock Photo

Percent of workers who live <10 min. from work: 14.7%Mean one-way commute: 17.9 minutesCommuter profile: Car: 93.6%, Public transit: 0.9%, Walk: 1.5%, Bicycle: 0.2%Median home value: $135,100Median rent (2br): $803

Wichita is located on the banks of the Arkansas River and is fairly spread out, so most commuters will need a car to get around. Wichita prides itself on its cowboy history, as well as its moniker the “Air Capital of the World,” earned for the city’s importance to the aviation industry. Wichita also hosts the Wichita River Festival, the Tallgrass Film Festival, and the American Indian Festival every year.

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