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Richardson Finds Perky Roles Hard

July 26, 1998

NEW YORK (AP ) _ Natasha Richardson has trouble getting up for happy roles like the perky single mom she plays in ``The Parent Trap.″

``It’s the light, bright parts I have to work at,″ Richardson, 35, says in the July 31 Entertainment Weekly. ``It’s weird, but where I’m comfortable going is where the emotionally painful stuff is. That’s where I feel a connection I can channel into.″

One element of the rosy remake’s plot, in which twins try to reunite their divorced parents, did bother Richardson though: the fact that the parents split the two girls up when they went their separate ways.

``What kind of mother FedExes one of the twins off to Napa and says, `It’s O.K., I’ll never see you again?‴ Richardson wonders.

She may soon get her chance at a darker screen role, co-starring with husband Liam Neeson in ``Asylum.″ She plays the adulterous spouse of a mental institution doctor who has an affair with a wife-killing patient played by Neeson.

``I’ve had the opportunity on stage to play some incredible women,″ she said. ``But I feel I haven’t had that part on film yet. I hope this is the part.″

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