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Woman Accused in Crowd-Urged Killing Speaks from Jail

August 21, 1993

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) _ A teen-ager charged with killing a cocaine user in Oakland as a crowd cheered her on says more such vigilante attacks are likely as people get fed up with drug abuse in their neighborhoods.

″They can try to stop this violence but it’s going to continue,″ Stacey Lee told the San Francisco Chronicle in a jail interview published Saturday. ″I’m not the first, and I won’t be the last.″

Dione Wells was killed after a street chase as the crowd chanted ″kill her, kill her.″

Lee, 19, is accused of stabbing Wells three times Aug. 11. She told the paper she stabbed Wells once, angry because Wells smoked crack in the hallway of their apartment building. She also claimed Wells pulled a knife.

But Lee said she never would have caught Wells if someone in the crowd hadn’t intervened.

″I wish she had gotten away,″ said Lee, tears in her eyes. ″If they wouldn’t have tripped her, she would have gotten away.″

Attempts by police to find members of the crowd have failed so far because witnesses are reluctant to talk, said Oakland police Sgt. Bill Wallace.

″It’s a game to those guys,″ Wallace said. ″They don’t care if somebody else is getting killed.″

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