No forum in Watertown; support for Smith

March 29, 2019

Editor, Daily Times:

This election for mayor has me upset. I read about the fact that there have been no forums set up for the public to come and listen to our two candidates for this important office. Why? I am ashamed of the apparent politics or apathy that is at play here and it is embarrassing. I have lived in this city my entire life and I can’t believe what I am seeing go on here.

What happened to the Rotary Club, or the chamber of commerce, or Watertown Cable TV, or the AAUW (American Association of University Women), or the League of Women Voters, or the so-called YES! Watertown group or club, or any other civic group I may have missed within this town that is interested in the welfare and future of this city? How could they all drop the ball on this issue like they apparently have? Apathy is a possible explanation but it reflects a bigger problem for this city and I don’t want to believe it is the reason.

Politics is hard to define and explain but when things don’t make sense it is something to consider. I am a Fred Smith supporter because I like experience and qualifications and past performance when making my decisions for elective office. I know past experience has always helped me get the job done more efficiently. After all, there have to be some benefits to getting older. On that standard, he is the obvious choice for me. But let’s get back to this issue about not having any forums or debates for this mayoral race in Watertown.

I have gone to public events (including the Memorial Day service at Veterans Memorial Park) where Fred Smith was speaking and he can talk and he is smooth at making his point. He is persuasive and passionate about what he is talking about. I like that in a person representing our city and feel it is a strong asset for Fred Smith. After all, he graduated from Harvard, has been a corporate counsel for Maranatha in the past, has been a local minister for a church in town for 17 years, has performed the duties of mayor for nine years and been on the city council for 14 years as an alderman, so maybe those are reasons they don’t want a forum. I know I would not want to debate him with everything I know about Fred Smith.

Whatever the reason, it better not happen again. Shame on you Watertown, but I am voting for Fred Smith for all the right reasons. Please vote on Tuesday.

Allen Draeger