Letters To The Editor 5/18/2019

May 18, 2019

Display patriotism

Editor: On a Saturday in March thousands come out in Scranton to celebrate the St. Patrick’s Parade, the Irish and those who are Irish on that day.

On this Saturday in May we celebrate Armed Forces Day. How many will be patriotic, come out and celebrate our veterans for today’s Armed Forces Day Parade, which starts at 11 a.m. in Scranton? Show support for veterans and those in the military and thank them for their service




Ensure American way

Editor: We are all guilty of putting these losers in charge of America,

Instead of governing our country, they are like 3-year-olds in a sandbox. Our country needs a Congress that will spend more time on issues affecting America rather than attacking each other with nonsense.

We have legislators who hate America and the American way. We should have legislation that puts members of Congress under the same rules and regulations as the rest of us. Limit their terms and demand prosecution for those who defile our country.




Not all recyclable

Editor: The public is frustrated with plastic recycling. What goes in the bin and what does not?

We are able to recycle plastic bottles and jars, but only plastic bottles and jars. There is an ever-increasing volume of plastics and most is not recyclable. Plastic manufacturers use a triangle on all plastic items with a number inside, the resin number for that plastic’s chemical formula. The problem: There are no remanufacturing facilities to market most plastic items.

For something to be recyclable, especially plastic, factories need to remanufacture these items into a usable product. Few factories are interested in any plastic other than plastic bottles and jars due to the fact they are stronger and can withstand the heat of remanufacturing.

My colleagues from other counties and I have tried to persuade the American Plastics Council to use any symbol other than the recycling triangle to imprint their resin number. After 14 months, we have made no progress in convincing them otherwise.

It has been my experience that the public wants to recycle as much as possible. Seeing the recycling triangle on plastic items, like bakery and berry boxes, serves as a green light to recycle it.

Unfortunately, that is not the case. The easiest answer on whether a plastic item can be recycled comes from asking yourself if it is a bottle or a jar. When in doubt, throw it out.

Remember the “three Rs”; reduce, reuse and recycle.

Most important is to reduce your use of plastic. More than a million plastic bags are used every minute. Decide on reusable shopping bags for grocery and other purchases. Recycling is very important and provides thousands of jobs in Pennsylvania. Recycle what you can, feel good about your choices and know that every little bit definitely makes a difference.




Supports Cummings

Editor: A mailer in support of Lackawanna County Commissioner Laureen Cummings’ opponents in the Republican primary election is disgraceful.

A cartoon character of a woman with a low-cut blouse and calling her a lapdog is sick. There is a video that is even worse. Her opponents can’t talk issues, which was clear at the debate. Cummings truly was a rose between two thorns.

As a Republican committeewoman in Lackawanna County, I find this as low as they can go. Cummings’ record is commendable. She was one of the first to speak out about the devastating effects of opioid addition on families. She persuaded her fellow commissioners to file suit against pharmaceutical companies for the damage they have done in our county. She has championed small business at every county meeting. She has bought government to the people by having county meetings in different municipalities.

Cummings is the main reason that county government has produced realistic budgets, had no property tax increases and no political firings. She has shown true leadership in consolidating county government into the Globe store building and refinancing the county’s debt, both of which have saved the taxpayers millions. She is adamantly against a full county reassessment and will never vote for property tax increases.

She has delivered on these campaign promises.

I ask fellow Republicans not to accept this disgraceful behavior by her opponents. Allowing a misogynistic flyer to go out against a sitting female commissioner shows they do not deserve to be at the helm of our county. Please vote for Cummings on Tuesday.




Nation reeling

Editor: It seems that our United States is collapsing.

Some say problems began in the 1960s when sexual freedom began. I believe it began with the addiction to finding fault through our constant news. People rile against President Trump. It is clear they are unaware that many presidents were very much like him in their speech and manners. I am from Texas and I assure you Lyndon Johnson could make Trump look like a choir boy. They had to carefully monitor President Harry Truman for his cursing and anger. Theodore Roosevelt was every bit as crude as people call Trump. Why do we only see his faults and not the great resurgence to our economy and jobs? What happened to respecting our president?

Women scream about “women’s rights.” We have the right to decide what we do with our bodies. I do not fight that — it is the body of an innocent child that dies in every abortion that made me a fighter for their rights.

Our obsession with climate change shows that too many people have not studied our world’s centuries of changes.

Those who embrace socialism have not studied history. Socialism has never worked and destroys countries that tried it.

But the greatest pain is from empty pews at church from a horrible scandal involving men without a vocation polluting our church with their homosexuality. Shameful bishops cover it up and children and innocent seminarians who were accosted had their lives ruined.

Do people blame God for our sins? He allows us to choose sin and corruption and horrible sickness can afflict those he loves. He still loves great sinners.





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