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‘Oh Calcutta’ Producer Kills Wife, Commits Suicide, Police Say

January 16, 1988

NEW YORK (AP) _ The 53-year-old producer of ″Oh 3/8 Calcutta 3/8″ the long-running Broadway play that once shocked audiences with a sassy script and naked performers, stabbed his wife to death and leaped 15 floors to his death Friday, police said.

Norman Kean apparently jumped from the 15th floor of his building on Manhattan’s Upper West Side at about 3 p.m. Friday after stabbing his wife, 53-year-old Gwyda, said detective Joseph McConville.

A relative found the body of his wife with a single stab wound to the back in the bedroom of their home about four hours later, McConville said.

Kean left a suicide note, but police could not release its contents, the detective said.

A woman who answered Kean’s phone and identified herself as an aunt said the body was found by Kean’s son.

Kean’s glasses were found by investigators on the roof of the building, McConville said.

Doris Buberl, general manager of the show and the Edison Theater, said she was ″in shock″ but was trying to hide it from the cast until after the final curtain Friday night.

″He called me this morning about something I had to do and said he loved me and hung up,″ she said. ″He was an incredible promoter, a genius, I would say.″

Ms. Buberl said she had noticed no change in his behavior recently, but added, ″He never really took his personal life to the office.″

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