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Clinton and many helping hands got Huang to DNC

July 10, 1997

Based on testimony at Wednesday’s Senate hearing on campaign fund-raising abuses, there were a number of boosters _ from President Clinton on down _ who urged Democratic Party operatives to hire John Huang:

_August 1995, Little Rock, Ark., businessman Joe Giroir comes to the DNC and urges DNC chairman Don Fowler to hire Huang as a fund-raiser. Giroir is a partner with Huang’s former employer, the Lippo Group, in extensive business investments in China. Lippo is controlled by the Riady family of Indonesia, longtime supporters of the Clintons.

_September 1995, Giroir hosts a get-together at a Washington hotel suite so that Fowler can meet James Riady. Sitting in on the meeting is Huang, as well as DNC finance director Richard Sullivan.

_Fall 1995, deputy White House chief of staff Harold Ickes twice contacts the DNC to tout Huang. Giroir business associate Mark Middleton and longtime Clinton backer and millionaire Truman Arnold of Texarkana, Texas, also push Huang to the DNC.

_Nov. 8, 1995, Clinton contacts DNC finance chairman Marvin Rose to put in a good word for Huang.

_Nov. 13, 1995, Huang gets a job interview with DNC officials and is hired.

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