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Note Found With Abandoned Boy

August 12, 2000

CALGARY, Alberta (AP) _ First supermarket security guard Jason Christie saw the youngster sitting in a shopping cart by himself. Then he found the note in the small backpack the child wore.

It said the boy’s name was Abraham, that he just started toilet training, and asked for someone to find him a good home.

The discovery Wednesday in a Safeway grocery store has launched a nationwide search for a woman believed to be the boy’s mother who left him in the bakery aisle.

Christie said the boy was only able to give his name as ``Abie,″ tell he was 4 years old, and ask for his mommy.

``He was good as gold,″ Christie told the Calgary Sun newspaper. ``He didn’t complain at all.″

The note said Abraham had medical problems, and Christie described the boy as very small for a 4-year-old. The medical problems required a lot of care, according to the note, which was signed ``Aybe’s mom.″

With no other family, she wrote, she had no choice but to give up her son, a decision that she said would haunt her for the rest of her life.

Toby Oswald, the vice president of public affairs for Safeway Canada, said Friday that police have yet to identify the woman who left Abraham, who is staying in an emergency foster home.

``It really is heart-rending and unusual,″ Oswald said.

Police say they have a video image of the woman from security cameras at the store. They have asked the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and social services agencies across Canada for help.