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Fung Returns to Stand; Jurors See Video of Purported Moved Glove

April 11, 1995

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Jurors in the O.J. Simpson case today saw television news video the defense says shows that a bloody glove at the crime scene was somehow moved onto a blanket used to cover a body.

Appearing weary and drained, police criminalist Dennis Fung returned to the stand after a five-day break and was immediately grilled on whether critical evidence was sloppily moved at the crime scene.

Fung, with dark circles under his eyes, was repeatedly questioned by attorney Barry Scheck on whether a dark spot on a crime-scene videotape was actually a glove that somehow ended up on a blanket used to cover a body.

Fung, who has said the glove was recovered elsewhere at the scene, watched the videotape in court and said that the spot in question didn’t look like a glove but a ``dark area on the video.″

``You know it’s the glove, don’t you?″ Scheck asked firmly.

``I don’t know that,″ said Fung, his voice soft.

``You know it’s the glove, and you just got caught by the videotape,″ insisted Scheck.

Prosecutor Hank Goldberg objected to the last statement. Superior Court Lance Ito sustained the objection and Fung didn’t have to respond.

Earlier today, Ito turned down another prosecution attempt to keep the video from the jury. Goldberg said that since the tape was a copy, it wasn’t the best possible image to show the jury and that TV stations should be asked for the originals.

Ito turned aside the argument but asked the defense to provide more detail on where the images on the tape had come from.


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