D.L. Meyer: Weasel words and the liberal vocabulary

December 15, 2018


We can reduce most of the liberal innuendos in their hate speeches and the media by taking the following words out of the dictionary. “If,” being the key word followed by “may,” “might,” “could,” “possibly,” “should,” “likely,” “would,” “alleged,” and “maybe.” Their use of these words in a statement is to manufacture doubt of a person’s character or an event. An example would be: “Someone important could possibly be jailed if it is proven that he may have lied to a special prosecutor in conjunction with an investigation of alleged wrong doing.”)

All a statement similar to this does is plant a seed of doubt. “If” is the key word in any sentence of this type because it needs no basis of proof and is complete conjecture in any statement that follows it. The next time you listen to a news cast or listen to one of the high-ranking liberals watch for how the above list of words is used. Don’t let yourself be influenced by a bunch of political hog wash. Let’s use these popular liberal words in some statements pertaining to the Democratic Party.

“It has been alleged that Hillary and Bill Clinton have absconded millions of dollars destined for the Clinton foundation’s disaster relief fund, and used the money for their personal benefit. If it can be proven they may face years in federal prison.”

Another item could be, “If Obama’s early years and college records were to be unsealed it may be possible that he was not eligible to be president of the United States and might end up being deported if not jailed.”

I realize these items will never be investigated and may not be accurate but you should get the idea.

D.L. Meyer

Lake Havasu City

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