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Bulgarian Sailor Ends Globe-Circling Solo Cruise

June 17, 1988

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) _ A Bulgarian sailor completed a 162-day solo journey around the world in a 36-foot sailboat, losing 30 pounds and scarcely sleeping for the last nine days of his voyage, a Bulgarian official said.

Bulgarian Embassy First Secretary Gueorgui Lambov said that Doncho Papazov, 49, reached La Plata on Wednesday night and would undergo a medical checkup before being allowed to speak to the press.

Papazov, he added, ″is not in the best physical condition,″ but is in good spirits.

The first secretary said Papazov told him he had lived on a diet of bread and cheese and ″sea snails that he caught himself″ during the final days of the journey.

″He said he doesn’t want to see canned food ever again,″ Lambov said in a telephone interview.

Lambov said Papazov’s boat Tivia was severely damaged by icebergs near Cape Horn at the southern tip of South America. He said that after April 16, Papazov sailed without radar or automatic pilot and with a broken rudder. Papazov battled enormous waves which almost sunk the craft on two occasions.

The diplomat said Papazov told him that the Tivia, which began the journey on Dec. 29, was able to advance only a few miles in the last few days of the journey because there was no wind.

The boat was taken under tow by the Argentine Coast Guard after it had passed its point of departure at the mouth of the River Plata and was brought to the Regatta Club of La Plata, Lambov said.

Papazov, a journalist who sailed the Tivia from Bulgaria to Buenos Aires nearly a year ago to prepare for his journey, has sailed over 80,000 miles since 1972 and has authored three books on his travels, Lambov said.

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