Orchids and Onions: Monday, May 6, 2019

May 7, 2019

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to my lovely bride Sharon. She has been taking such good care of me while my wrist is healing. I owe her big time. From her loving husband...Jerry

Onions to Dale for beating my high hand with two hands to go.

Orchids to knowing that art is for everyone to enjoy. May the flowers grow high and fill the cement pond with a constant sprinkling of beauty. YOLO

Onions to local grocery stores for not carrying “Waffelos” cereal. I had no problem finding it back home. It’s one of the healthy mixes. I find this true with many items. Grocery stores here need to get with the 20th century.

Orchids to Dynamic Carpet Cleaning. Not only did they do an excellent job and make our carpets look new again, but Matt and Noah were very professional and called to let us know they were running a little late.

Onions to my coworker for not listening to me about marrying a mechanic. Sadly, I’ve been there. The unmistakable stench of differential fluid and burnt antifreeze. Late night wrenching sessions. Halitosis from stale coffee. You’d have been better off wedding a musician!

Orchids to the orchid about Blue Chair’s fish tacos. We wholeheartedly agree they are awesome!

Onions to the so-called “state park” at the Havasu Riviera project who allowed a non-bidding concessionaire to take control of the launch and other facilities and charge additional fees to launch. The citizens’ taxes paid for the launch ramp, that we will pay a hostage fee to the developer to use. So wrong.

Orchids to the first annual Dunham Magical Night of Music. What a pleasure to walk on Main Street on a beautiful evening visit the many business having musical talents to help support music programs in our local schools. Thanks to all!

Onions to screaming kids in pools in houses on southside. Have respect for neighbors and ask your children to drop the decimal level a bit so everyone can enjoy the weather.

Orchids to my ancient coffee buddies at Food City for keeping me well informed about all topics, foreign and domestic. Don A.

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