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Female Attorney’s Provocative Ads Get Business

October 4, 1995

GREAT NECK, N.Y. (AP) _ This is definitely not something they teach in law school.

Mortgage lawyer Rosalie Osias’ firm has gone from five closings a week to 40 or 50 since she began appearing in provocative ads in trade publications in April.

In one ad, the slender Osias, wearing a pantsuit, vest and sunglasses, is lying on her side and toying with a golf club, her long blond hair draped over her shoulders. The ads reads: ``We don’t play golf. We’re too busy closing your loans.″

In another ad, Osias is spread across her desk in a micro-miniskirt, wearing a flirtatious grin. ``Try this nonconforming law firm″ says the ad.

``I was soliciting a male market,″ Osias said Tuesday. ``Mortgage banking is an old-boy network. I needed something sexual to get them to notice.″

Thomas Liotti, the city attorney for Garden City and a former member of the Professional Ethics Committee of the Nassau County Bar Association, said: ``I can understand how lawyers are trying to be creative and original. But I feel that this type of advertising is in bad taste. It creates a bad image for lawyers who are already getting a bad rap.″

Osias, who is in her 30s, said that before she started running the ads, her business was barely surviving. By ads No. 3 and 4, male bankers were running to introduce themselves to her.

``Maybe the ads brought in clients, but once they were inside my door, I delivered,″ she said. ``I gave them exactly what they wanted _ good clean business closings.″

As for the criticism, she said: ``As a lawyer I had to be very careful not to cross over the line of impropriety. I don’t think I’ve crossed that line.″

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