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Tripp-Lewinsky E-Mail Excerpts

October 2, 1998

Excerpts from e-mail released Friday by the House Judiciary Committee, part of the evidence collected by independent counsel Kenneth Starr:

From: Tripp, Linda

To: Lewinsky, Monica

Date: Monday, October 27,1997 10:19AM

From now on, leave me alone. Don’t bother me with all your ranting and raving and analyzing of this situation. And don’t accuse me of somehow ``skewing″ the truth - because the reality is that what I told you is true. I really am finished, Monica. Share this sick situation with one of your other friends, because, frankly, I’m past nauseated about the whole thing. LRT

From: Lewinsky, Monica

To: Tripp, Linda

Date: Monday, October 27,1997 10:29AM

That’s fine with me, Linda. I will respect that. I would only like to ask that I have your assurance everything I have shared with you remains between us. You have given, me your word before, but that was when we were on good terms. Can I still trust that?

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